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Competitive video - technical instructions

  •  video recording must be sent in Mp4 format (stereo audio, HD video);

  •  singer/singers and pianist must be clearly seen and heard;

  •  at the beginning of the recording, singer must say his/her name and surname, year of birth and the number of the category in which he/she is competing;

  •  *the recording must be recorded in its entirety, without stopping, pausing and without any subsequent audio-video editing;

  •  video recording must represent a real, direct performance, the same as in a live competition;

  •  video recording must correspond to the propositions of the competition in terms of selection of the category, age of the performer as well as the selection of the program.

Due to the size of the video file, the recording must be sent as follows:

  • by cloud transfer (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.);

  • via free internet services (WeTransfer, Jumbomail, etc.).

  • by link from YouTube or Vimeo

Recordings should not be older than six months.

* EXCEPTIONALLY in the 5th category, the program can be

recorded in two videos (two arias per recording)

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