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Schedule for the second round of 5th category 


New competition schedule for tomorrow (Sunday, 7th May)

5th category

The Croatian National Theater (Županijska ulica 9) will be open from 9:30 am.



Četvrtak, 04. svibnja/Thursday, May 04

13-21 h - Tonske probe i probe sa službenim korepetitorima /Acoustic and official accompanists rehearsals

Petak, 05. svibnja/Friday, May 05

09,30h – 1. kategorija/ Category 1

16,00h – 2. kategorija/Category 2

19,30h- 6. i 7. kategorija/Category 6 and 7

Subota, 06. svibnja/ Saturday, May 06

10,00h – 3. kategorija/Category 3

14,00h – 4. kategorija/Category 4

17,00h – 5. kategorija/Category 5 - prva etapa/first round

Nedjelja, 07. svibnja/ Sunday, May 07

10,00h – 5. kategorija/ Category 5 - druga etapa/second round

*Ovaj raspored je okvirnog karaktera, moguće su manje izmjene satnice po kategorijama.

*This is not a final schedule, there is the possibility of some slight changes of time in terms of the categories.

Raspored nastupa natjecatelja / Competition schedule

Acoustic and official accompanists' rehearsals schedule

Thursday, 4th May

Acoustic and official accompanists' rehearsals schedule

* acoustic rehearsals are optional

Rehearsals start according to the first letter of the surname.

Location: Academy of arts and culture, Kralja Petra Svacica 1G, 1st floor

We appeal to all competitors to adhere to the schedule. If for some important reasons (travel, transport delay...) you have to come at a different time, consider that you may have to wait for a free termin.

1. category:

13:00 – 14:15 A – K

14:15 – 15:30 L – Ž

2. category:

15:30 – 16:30 A – Ž

7. category

16:30 - 17:00 A - Ž

6. category

17:00 - 17:45 A - Ž

3. category:

17:45 –18:45 A – Ž

All categories:

18:45 - 20,45

* Competitors of the 4th and 5th categories will perform on Saturday, 6th May (4th and 5th cat.) and on Sunday, 7th May (5th cat. - 2nd round) in the Croatian National Theater in Osijek (Županijska 9). They can also practice with an official or personal accompaniest on Thursday, 4th May at the Academy of Arts and Culture (not in the Concert Hall but in other rooms).

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